E24 Alpina B7 Turbo - 12/78 - 02/82 - 153 units produced

The B7 Turbo was introduced in December 1978 and it was the first 6-Series car with full Alpina conversion (bearing its own identification number) At first it was called Alpina 630 Turbo but later Alpina changed the name to B7 Turbo. Between December 1978 and February 1982, a total of 153 cars were made.


The engine is the same 3.0 liter turbocharged six as in the B7 Turbo saloon. It is based on BMW´s 3.0 liter unit. The entire engine had been carefully rebuilt using components specifically designed for the engine. For example lower-compression Mahle pistons and a new fuel injection system. The B7 also had variable boost control which regulated the turbocharger between 0.6 bars to 0.90 bars of boost, corresponding to between 250-300 bhp. When the E28 B7 Turbo was introduced the B7 Turbo coupé received the 3.5 liter 330 bhp engine. That was because the Coupé was heavier and more expensive so Alpina didn´t want it to be slower than the saloon.


The B7 had Bilstein gas-pressure spring units and progressive springs at the front and gas-pressure dampers and height-adjustable, progressive springs at the rear. The brakes were upgraded with ventilated discs all around. The wheels were 16inches high with 205/55 tires at the front and 225/50 at the rear.


The interior changes included a hand-stitched steering-wheel, a new gearknob, new instruments and sport-seats in Alpina upholstery. The exterior changes were a deeper front spoiler, a rear spoiler, the Alpina alloys and the traditional Alpina stripes but they were optional.


Alpina had claimed 0-100 km/h times of 5.9 - 6.7 seconds and top speeds of 250-265 km/h depending on what year the car was built.

1984 Alpina B7 Turbo Coupe Specifications