1969/70 2002 GT4 Coupé by Pietro Frua

If someone would have crossed a BMW 2002 with an E9 CS dressed in an Italian suit they would have come up with the 2002 GT4 Coupé. There were only two GT4s produced. Both of them were developed by Pietro Frua, who had previously worked for Glas. The particular GT4 that we have exhibited in this write up is currently in the possession of BMW Mobile Tradition, where it remains in its original condition.

Pietro Frua had developed the GT4 Coupé on the basis of the 2002ti. The body was painted in silver metallic (Polaris Silver) The only common exterior parts were the windshield wipers, door handles and the the turn signals from the 2800CS. The tail lamps were from an Alfa 1750 Berlina Mk1. The interior was leather and a large extent of it came from the 2002. The GT4s each weighed in at 2314 lbs. The structure of the Coupé was eight centimeters longer, 15 centimeters wider and 14 centimeters lower than the original ‘02. The generously glassed rear hatchback encapsulated the baggage compartment which had a 450 liter capacity.

The design of the dashboard and instrument cluster came from the BMW 2500 which featured large round instruments, and wood trim that surrounded the heater and vent controls. The 1990cc, in-line four-cylinder, two-liter engine was equipped with two Solex carburetors and produced a healthy 120hp @ 5800 RPM. Top speed was 110 miles per hour and 0 - 60 could be reached in just about 9 seconds. Braking consisted of disks at the front with drums at the rear. The rear axle was independent just as it was on the standard ’02s. Both GT4s were fitted with beautiful 13” Campagnolo wheels. Since up to four people could easily fit in the car, it was given the designation of GT4.

In October 1969, this particular car (code 361/1) was presented at the Paris Auto Salon. The following year, the second copy was also presented in Paris. There were high expectations for the GT4 Coupé, but unfortunately it never made it into production.

Both of the 2002 GT4s are still known to exist. The first one, owned by Pietro Frua, went to Japan during the 1980s. The other GT4 had spent decades in Switzerland. It was advertised at least once in the German Motor Klassik magazine. As of January 2002, the second GT4 became the property of BMW Mobile Tradition. The purchase price has never been officially confirmed but the Frua clubs estimate the price as being somewhere in the area of 60,000 euros.